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      If you want to operate a golf cart on the streets, Michigan Law mandates the vehicles to be street legal.  For a golf cart to be street legal, it must be upgraded to have all the equipment required for 4-wheeled vehicles including:
	  1. low & high beam headlights,
	  2. Taillights,
	  3. Brake lights,
	  4. Turn signals,
      5. Windshield & wipers,
      6. Bumpers,
      7. Seat belts,
      8. Horn.
	  9. Mirrors, etc.

      Golf carts upgraded for road use must be titled as Assembled using the assembled vehicle title process. An electric-powered golf cart can be titled as a Low Speed Vehicle with "Low Speed'' as the body style. if the top speed is 25 mph or less.

      It is necessary for you to have a valid driver license to operate this vehicle on the street as well as having it properly registered. To have this vehicle titled and registered you may visit any Secretary of State branch office.  All carts must also be registered with Grand Beach and have an annual sticker on them. Carts that have been rented from an outside agency must be registered even if only here for a couple of days. Temporary stickers are available at the pro-shop for rental carts.  All rules of the road apply.
	  If you need further assistance, please contact the Michigan Department of State Information Center at 517-322-1460 and/or the Village of Grand Beach Police Department at 269-469-5000. Thank you.