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Master Plan Survey

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Dear Grand Beach Community, 

The Village of Grand Beach is excited about the development of a new master plan. When complete, this document will serve as a roadmap looking forward for the next 5 to 20 years. It will identify both needs and desires, potential costs, and a timeline. We are asking for your support as we move through this process. 
Master Planning is a requirement of the State of Michigan for counties, townships, and villages. It is also an excellent opportunity for governmental bodies to maintain and improve their infrastructure while planning for future needs in their community. In 2009, the Village of Grand Beach Planning Commission created a Master Plan and have reviewed it throughout the years. It is time for a new plan.  

Master Planning includes a study of current conditions and needs, a gathering of substantial data, and input from the community to develop goals and action plans that will guide Grand Beach into the future. Input from the community will be gathered through surveys, focus groups (in-person and through Zoom), and a Town Hall meeting.  

A Task Force of community homeowners has been created by the Planning Commission to do this work. The Task Force will bring a recommendation to the Planning Commission for their review and approval. The Planning Commission will then submit the Master Plan to the Village Council for approval and implementation.  

The Task Force members include Bob Barnes, Jerry Dyson, John Hoover, Ross Kerr, Paul Leonard, David Manecke, Gina O’Halloran, Ed Trainor, Nancy Wendling, Diane Cody (Chairperson), and myself. 

Master Planning Task Force meetings and minutes are posted on the website. All Task Force meetings are open to the public, and an opportunity for community members to speak will be provided at the end of each meeting.  

As part of the process, the Task Force is asking you to complete a five-minute survey from Survey Monkey to provide initial input. Further input will be gathered at a later time. Information regarding the survey will be coming through an email from Mary Robertson, Clerk-Treasurer of Grand Beach. There will be a link to the survey on the Village website. The survey is completely confidential.  

Please watch for the survey coming to your email the week of March 1.   

Harry Walder  
Council President