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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

For those of you that were unable to attend the Michigan Department of Transportation's (MDOT) Open House Meeting held on November 6, 2019 regarding the proposed lane reduction "road diet" on US Highway 12, you can send your comments to MDOT.

MDOT is proposing a lane reduction on US Highway 12 from four lanes to one lane in each direction with a center turn lane starting at the Indiana/Michigan state line, going past Grand Beach and all the way to Mayhew Street in New Buffalo,   At that point, it will go back to four lanes until you reach Wilson Street which is the street just before Redamak's where the lanes will again be reduced to one lane in each direction with a center turn lane until reaching Red Arrow Highway. 

There was a form available at the meeting to take comments. If you would like to submit comments to MDOT on the proposed lane reduction, click on the link below; print the form, fill it out and email, fax or mail it back to MDOT. Fax number, email address and mailing address are located on the bottom of the form.

Please send in your comments to MDOT as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Village of Grand Beach

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Village of Grand Beach five year Parks and Recreation Master Plan draft will be available for public review and comment starting October 10, 2019. The plan can be viewed on the Village’s website or at Village Hall until November 20, 2019.

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan forms the road map for the decisions to be made in the next five years regarding the provisions of the parks, beaches, and recreational land. Additionally, this plan must be submitted and accepted by the Michigan DNR in order to be eligible for recreational grants.

A public hearing for comments on the plan will take place on November 20, 2019 at 7:00 P.M EST prior to the regular meeting of the Grand Beach Village Council. The meeting will be held at Village Hall, 48200 Perkins Blvd., Grand Beach, Michigan. Concerns and comments are encouraged and comments may also be submitted in writing at Village Hall or via email to tbulson@abonmarche.com.

This meeting is an open meeting. The notice is posted in compliance with the Open Meetings Act, Public Act 267 of 1976. American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Notice: The Village will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services to individuals with disabilities at the meeting upon seven (7) day notice to Village Hall. The contact address and phone number is as follows:

48200 Perkins Blvd., Grand Beach, MI  49117

(269) 469-3141

Click here to review the draft plan

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

42 Acres Update – September 25, 2019

We have great news to report!

We have reached our goal to meet the 25% grant match based on the present appraisal, and we welcome your donations for future upkeep and maintenance of the 42 Acres.

Thank you to all of you that have made generous donations to the Village of Grand Beach to help us meet this goal. We appreciate your generosity!

We would also like to send out a huge thank you to everyone that solicited auction items or donated auction items for the fundraiser and to those of you that helped plan and make the fundraiser a great success!

We are really excited to have met the goal and to move forward with the next steps necessary to purchase the 42 Acres (Grand Beach Nature Preserve).