Property Taxes

Property Tax Information

Summer property tax bills for the Village are mailed on July 1 and due on September 14.  If September 14 falls on a weekend or holiday, taxes will be due on the  following business day.

Village tax payments should be mailed to Village of Grand Beach, 48200 Perkins Blvd., Grand Beach, MI  49117.

Taxes will be considered paid on time if the payment is received in the Village office by the end of office hours on the due date.  We do not accept postmarks on payments.  Please plan accordingly when mailing payments as we are not responsible for the timeliness of mail delivery.

Delinquent taxes may be paid to the Village with penalty through the last business day of February.  Contact the deputy clerk at (269) 469-3141 to find out the tax due with penalty.  After the last day of February, taxes will be paid to the Berrien County Treasurer's office.  Contact them at (269) 983-7111, ext. 8569 to find out the tax due plus penalty.

Township Tax Bills

When you own property in Grand Beach, you will receive a summer tax bill and a winter tax bill from New Buffalo Township in addition to the summer tax bill that you receive from Grand Beach.  The township taxes should be paid separately to New Buffalo Township by the due date listed on their tax bill.  For questions about New Buffalo Township tax bills, contact them at (269) 469-1011.

Search Tax Records

Public records can be searched to view your tax bills, assessment or other important information by clicking here.