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Short Term Rental Information

Several years ago in response to mounting complaints of rental problems such as garbage, noise, excessive occupancy, parking, etc., the Village Council passed a rental resolution to manage rentals, require a formal permit or even prevent rentals if there were multiple complaints on a specific rental property.

We continue to deal with complaints, and therefore our efforts to eliminate them continue because they not only interrupt our residents’ enjoyment of their homes, but diminish Village property values. If you encounter problems such as those mentioned, please report it to our Police Department immediately so they can stop such conduct.

We believe and hope that by educating owners and renters about the Village Rules and Ordinances, complaints such as these may be reduced, if not eliminated. We have developed a “Rental Packet” that contains Village information on our Rules and Regulations, information on garbage schedules, golf cart regulations, noise, fireworks, parking and other ordinances.

If you rent your home out, please download the Rental Packet or pick one up at the Village Office and familiarize yourself with it. Make sure that it is displayed and available in your home and require renters to review and agree to abide by the Village’s Rules and Regulations during their stay.

We have also reached out to the various real estate rental agents in the area and have provided them with Rental Packets. We’ve asked that they provide them to owners and renters to be placed in rental properties, and that they also require review and acknowledgement of the Rules and Regulations by the renters.

We encourage you to cooperate in this effort to make Village rentals responsible and courteous – your neighbors and our Village are entitled to nothing less.

Short Term Rental Process - Resolution No. 2014-03

Anti-Noise and Public Nuisance - Ordinance No. 2014-88

Fireworks Ordinance No. 2020-99

2021 Short Term Rental Packet - This is a packet of information containing different rules and regulations for use at rental properties.