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Parks and Recreation Committee

Parks and Recreation Committee members are appointed by the Village Council.  The Village of Grand Beach's Parks and Beaches Commissioner serves as the chairperson of the committee.

New 5-Year Parks and Recreation Master Plan 

The Parks and Recreation Committee recently completed a new 5-year Parks and Recreation Master Plan.  The plan includes all aspects of recreation including parks, beaches, open space and the golf course.

The plan was adopted by the Village Council on December 18, 2019.  It was submitted to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and will allow the Village to apply for state and federal park and recreation grant programs in the future.

Click here to view the 2020-2024 Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Parks and Recreation Committee Members

Peter Doerr, Council Member and Parks & Recreation Commissioner

Judith Blackburn

Gary Kagan

Ed Brandes

Jerry Dyson

Norm Cherrett


Parks and Beaches Task Force

Ed Trainor

John Jennings

Bob Barnes

Harry Walder

Kevin Keeley