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Police Department

Serving the Communities of Grand Beach and Michiana 

The Village of Grand Beach and Village of Michiana are working together as a shared service in patrolling and protecting both Villages.  You might see a Grand Beach police car or a Michiana police car patrolling throughout the Village.  Please know that they are both there to protect our Villages.

Grand Beach Police Contact Numbers

Grand Beach Police Dept. Office (Non-Emergency) (269) 469-5000                 

Dispatch (866) 630-7679

Emergency 9-1-1 

Grand Beach Police 

Police Chief Ryan Layman    rlayman@michianavillage.org

Assistant Police Chief Jamie Flick    jflick@grandbeach.org

Officer Courtney Severn

Michiana Police

Michiana Police Chief Ryan Layman

Michiana Police Officers

Lieutenant George Knoll

Officer Matt Myers

Police Information Form

This is a form that is used to provide information to the Police Department regarding your home and contact information.  You can also sign up to receive email notifications from the Village with this form as long as you own property in the Village.  View police information form here.     

Policing in the New Buffalo Area

At the Village Council meeting held on February 17, 2021, Police Chief Ryan Layman gave a presentation about the different police agencies in the New Buffalo area. 

People have always wondered why there are so many different police agencies in the area and his presentation shows that they are spread out over multiple villages and townships.

Click here to view the presentation.



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